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6. Our maids work in teams so they are fast AND thorough 

We visit, we don't move in! Because we work in teams and use efficient cleaning methods, when we come to clean your home each week, or every other week, we won't be there all day. In addition it's easy for us to move a sofa or flip a mattress when necessary, things an individual hardly can do.

7. Our maids are supervised and pay attention on details

We teach our maids to have an eye for details. They won't rearrange all your belongings, but, if you don't mind, they will arrange things like towels and toiletries so that you feel like you live in a cozy hotel suite. They will also change your sheets and make your beds. The team leader completes a 36-point checklist at the end of a cleaning visit to ensure that everything is done as promised and expected. Furthermore the owners of Maids on a Broom themselves accomplish daily inspections on the cleaning jobs to ensure and maintain our high quality standards.

8. Every appointment the same team in your home

We know how to find, screen, train, motivate and manage the kind of maids with whom our clients feel comfortable — women who are sometimes even thought of as an "extension of the family". Only the one team you know and like since the first visit will come to your home at every appointment. We don't let strangers into your privacy. 

9. We are 100% reliable and dependable

Imagine you invited guests for the evening and the place is a mess when you come home from work because the house cleaners haven't been there. Sadly this happens very often, especially to people who trust an individual. Your Maids on a Broom team will ALWAYS show up on the scheduled day. The owners of Maids on a Broom personally take care for that. If a maid calls in sick the team will appear even so, of course. The only thing that could happen is that they might need a little longer to get the job done. 

10. We bring our own professional equipment

You don't need to own a bulky professional vacuum with HEPA air filtration. We do. And we bring it besides all the other necessary cleaning supplies to every appointment. The most conscientious and proficient house cleaner can't perform any better than the quality of the equipment or cleaning products being used. We use professional cleaning tools, equipment and materials.